Do you know if your compressed air system is costing you too much money in energy bills?

Compressed air is the fourth and most costly utility in manufacturing facilities. If your system is inefficient, this expense will be higher than it needs to be. So how can you tell if your system is as efficient as possible?

Fluid-Aire Dynamics offers free data logging that shows your usage of air and how it varies throughout your working hours. This helps you to determine when your peak usage of compressed air is, as well as when you are not using all of the air produced by your system.

  1. Data logger is connected to the incoming power of your compressor
  2. Collects data for 2 weeks.
  3. Data is brought back to our office and analyzed.
  4. We then tell you about your compressed air usage (e.g. what and when your peak usage is, when are you running out of air, and etc.)

system-auditingWhen your audit has been completed, this will help you determine if you will benefit from a variable speed drive air compressor. Variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors vary the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor, thus allowing the speed of the motor to be efficiently controlled with the demand for air at any given point in time. On the other hand, a fixed speed compressor gives consistent frequency and voltage to the motor, meaning that when the demand for air is lower, the efficiency is lower because the frequency and voltage that is being given, is not being used to its fullest capabilities. For more on when to choose variable speed drive for your air compressor, read our blog.

If you have an existing rotary screw that is fixed speed, you may benefit from our ComEd Incentive Program which could save you thousands of dollars on a brand new air compressor!

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